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:: grendel: the devil's sketchbook ::
  grendel grendel: war child has been the first indie book i read when i came back into the comics fold, after the compulsory pause upon discovery of girls at age 12/13. i saw the simon bisley cover on the store's rack and went "oh f*ck! what the hell is that?": sure there was a certain difference from the good ol' wholesome spiderman i was used to and the hulking, clawed behemoth i had in front of me at that moment. i picked the issue up, paid for it, got out of the store and sat on my ducati to read it: i got hooked on the spot!

little did i know then that there were many other grendels, but the friendly retailer directed me towards the back issues aisle where i found many comico issues and discovered hunter rose, christine spar, brian li sung and the numberless other characters of the centuries-spanning saga.

fast forward a few years to the san diego comic-con, where i find out that artists are actually available for sketches and commissions (yes, i was that naive then, so sue me!), so i get me a nice sketchbook and start asking around for anyone's take on matt wagner's creation. what was kind of surprising (not that much tho, given the level of grendel's stories) was the enthusiasm with which artists contributed their vision of this character that -even without the mass appeal of, say, batman- enjoys a fanatical following.



"with orion's sword the hunter arose and conquered the world wirh fury and grace - in him was i born, in him shall i die, in him shall i lose name, station and face - death over weakness, death over despair, death over personal gain - death over dishonor, death over undeath, death over the fire with no flame - all this i pledge thee oh grendel, great khan, to serve and protect over death's endless tide - with your word in my heart, your eyes in my face and your tooth in my hand, by my side"

thank yous 'n' credits

first and foremost, a huge thank you goes out to matt wagner, creator of the grendel's mythos;

another humongous thank you goes out to the great artists that i have the honor to host in this website, whose contributions made possible.

grendel grendel
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